What do you think of evil aliens and their possible agenda?

If evil aliens exist (and they aren’t just evil people with or without physical bodies, or misunderstood) then it’s likely that either they aren’t evil , as they could wipe us out in hours with the tech they must have to get here …


they are using us as cattle.

I guess there could be cosmic rules in place and other scenarios undreamt of, but it’s likely that they are either indifferent, hard to understand but benevolent, or “evil” and using us for some reason. Using the word “evil” is problematic as who knows what moral construct a sentient alien might have? What’s bad and evil for humans might be right and lovely for some alien… right?

I have to say, if it’s some scenario that confirms Christianity or the like, I will be surprised. Very, very surprised.

Not to say inter-dimensional things like demons are impossible, just that if the specific dogma of any particular religion turns out to the THE correct one, I would be flabbergasted. No offense intended, but … c’mon.

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