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Don’t you think it strange that a picture taken in the 1970’s is so much clearer than one taken on 2004 ?

No, because there’s no other photo supposedly taken of the interior of an alien ship. Which means you can’t compare it to any other photo. There’s literally no comparison.

And if you’re talking about Billy’s photo, I just consider his photos as proven hoaxes. I don’t consider his photos as meaningful in any way.

Re: This photo that the thread is about: The first vid starts with the ORIGINAL untouched photo (as seen in Secureteam’s vid), and it brightens it up as much as possible. So that’s why everything is so indistinct, because it’s basically starting with a black photo. There’s a lack of light in the original, so there’s no solution to that.

Still, the photo NEEDS to be brightened up as much as possible, anyway. We need to see as much as we can from it, regardless that we know it will be hard to see, from the lack of light.

If we consider it a real photo of a craft, then we know that the craft is:

Very dark
Very cloudy, apparently
Round / curved
Illuminated with very dim orange light, from six-sided lights or windows

So this would seem to be the environment that these particular aliens breathe and live in. And when we think of the typical grey-alien description, the pale skin and giant eyes would correspond to a very dark environment, of course.

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