The radicalization of the democratic party Promoting uncivil action an insurgency in the making

Before and since the President was sworn in the rhetoric and ACTIONS have escalated -people have been killed, harassed, beaten & lies fabricated just to further an agenda that the majority has voted against.

When a former President and 2 former 1st ladies & an entire political party call for, orchestrate & promote, violence and uncivilized actions towards the majority because they were VOTED out of power is completely un democratic and goes against everything the United States since it’s inception stands for.

The common people are no longer able to live in a free & democratic society in their pursuit of happiness. This rhetoric has even seeped into the Public school systems starting as early as kindergarten.

If this continues the United Stated Of America as we now know it will cease to exist in its current form The calls for abolishing border controls, the FBI, and the current judicial penalties will fundamentally weaken the United States.

This is a Globally well funded & organized effort with no time limit only the end goal: the dissolution & destruction of the United States. When Mayors, Governors, Judges, Police, Senators, & the heads of established Federal & State organizations Corrupt and Collude Deceive, Destroy & manipulate the established order of business then you can be assured that the point of no return has been passed Civil discourse has been abandoned……

This course of action inevitably Leading to insurgency: Was it not just this week that a man has been arrested planning to blow up a voting station with a two hundred pound bomb?? Was it not last week that roads were blocked redirecting traffic by antifa with the rule of law suspended by the mayor? Was it not just months ago that a White house press secretary was told to leave a restaurant when with her family?
The list goes on and on and gets bolder & more violent as time passes. Trucks burned because of a sticker Buses of PAID protesters to disrupt Senior Court nominations ect ect
When does it stop??

Civility Has been Abandoned – Insurgency takes hold unless a reversal is …… yea that wont happen……

Thoughts ATS? Feel free to correct/educate me if you think otherwise.

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edit on 12-10-2018 by TheJesuit because: (no reason given)

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