The Owls are not what they seem


Donald Trump (through his online sock puppet #Qanon) told us to look at Owls, implying that they are the symbols of a “sick cult” or “cabal” that rules the world. He also told us of the cabal that “their symbolism will be their Downfall”.

Mass-public has been aware of Pyramids, All-Seeing-Eyes and Pentagrams associated with “illuminati symbology”, but have not yet had that much exposure to Owls.

My first exposure to Owls being evil came from the 1990 TV Series “Twin Peaks”, in which there are numerous cryptic references to “the owls are not what they seem”. In the Show, they are somehow linked to extraterrestrials,they are harbringers of evil (rape and murder of trafficked teenagers) as well as possession by evil spirits. One of the characters of the show, a native American cop even says that the Owl symbol is connected to so much evil he doesn’t even want to talk about it.

(image from Twin Peaks)

I thought nothing of the reference while watching the show…after all, to me they are just cute birds…but have come to see Twin Peaks in a different light ever since the U.S. President himself recommended researching them.

Today I began collecting tidbits of Owl-Stuff here and there. I’ll post them here, feel free to add Owl-Related stuff to this thread as you find it. Rather than posting all kinds of Qanon stuff, try to keep it focused on Owls only.

Starting with this mysterious email, leaked to Wikileaks, in which Hillary Clinton is worried about violating the “Owl/Minerva Rule”.

Many have wondered what this rule is and why Hillary is worried about violating it. The interesting thing is, that the communicating parties involved seem to be quite familiar with it, while most of us have never heard of it.


Another well-known Owl can be found in the quasi-secret-club Bohemian Grove, where high-ranking politicians meet to perform obscure rituals:


These are a few tidbits I noticed through simple Google-Searches in the last few days:

The largest European Newspaper and Media publisher has this at their entrance:


According to this BBC Article Prince Harry and Meghan Markles “first royal duty” as a couple was to go see an Owl. The article doesnt even make sense, as if it were some kind of code language.


Google launched “Project OWL” in order to scrub “fake news” from the Internet:

Google launched an algorithm scrubbing called Project Owl. In April, Google announced it had made false information “less likely to appear.” The company didn’t provide a new rate for misleading content to compare with the 0.25 percent figure, but by one admittedly anecdotal measure, Project Owl seems to have had some effect.

Bloomberg Article

Also: Project Owl: Googles attack on Fake News and Problematic Content

Ivy League Universities appear to like Owl Symbology:

Harvard Owl

10 Owls at Yale University

Oxford University Owl

One University, Temple, even uses the Owl as their Mascot:


According to this page on Owls and Witchcraft, most ancient cultures link the Owl to evil, death and illness. Personally, I’ve always regarded such notions nothing but superstition…but who knows.


And finally, the original and real “Illuminati” by Adam Weishaupt, used the “Owl of Minerva” (yes, the one Hillary references) as their Logo:

Whatever I find on owls as it relates to this proposed secret cabal or world rulers or evil, I’ll post here.

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