Shaky UFO video taken at NC’s Lake Norman

If that guy doesn’t have Parkinson’s, then he definitely has coc aine, crystal meth, or PCP in his system.

Seriously, I’m not even sure if I could shake a camera that much, if I was TRYING to shake it on purpose.

This footage is so ridiculous, it was actually supposed to be Taylor Swift’s music video for “Shake it off” before they scrapped it.

I hear they’re letting him direct and be the main camera operator for the next Blair Witch sequel.

Feel free to ignore any further UFO footage sent in from my whole state. 90% of them will be that guy. We have WAY too many of that guy here. It’s probably like 20% of NC are people EXACTLY like him.

I doubt even Hynek wasted his time with NC.

edit on 14-8-2018 by Archivalist because: shaking in muh boots dey terk er jerbs

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