Santa Fe Shooter identified: His beliefs and possible motive and how it shows why this is so common in our culture today


In Santa Fe, Texas authorities tell the News that 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis was the gunman in the deadly shooting that unfolded Friday morning inside Santa Fe High School, killing 10 people and injuring 10 more. Pagourtzis was arrested, and authorities say he is a student at the high school. His Facebook page also listed a possible interest in the United States Marines Corps, “starting in 2019.” But the officials from the United States Marine Corps say they do not have a record of anyone with the last name Pagourtzis in the Marine Corps.

Pagourtzis describes himself as an atheist for religious views, and “I hate politics” for political views on Facebook. He also posted photos of himself, on his gaming station setup, and t-shirts. He posted a photo on April 30, 2018, of a t-shirt that says “Born to Kill.”

On the same day, he also posted a photo of a jacket with pins of various symbols (Communist party, Iron Cross, Rising Sun, Baphomet, and Cthulhu).

As all too often the case online there has been many fake postings claiming the shooter was a far-right Nazi supporter and others saying he was a Hillary Clinton supporter. This comes from people who just try to use a tragedy to further their argument without adding any substance to it.

In actuality the 17-year-old shooter was not political and atheist which are clear signs that he was a nihilist, and in here lies the root of the problem. Nihilism with its rejection of any sense of morality or good and evil and its disbelief in any higher authority that humanity is subjected to. Leaves the brainwashed followers of this cultural Marxist ideology dejected and having no purpose. This coupled with the fact that high schools tend to be a complete social nightmare is the underpinning reason behind these school shootings.

And I understand there will always be insane vile people who wish to do harm no matter what the society but the numbers we are experiencing now are clearly a sign of a grand cultural problem.

The fact is there have been 31 attempted school shootings since the start of 2018. With 4 successful shootings and the other 27 be stopped before any fatalities. But these kinds of numbers cannot be stopped with any heightened measures of security short of turning schools into a sort of reverse prison with armed guards not allowing anybody in.

So it is obvious that we can’t just focus on the prevention we have to address the root of this weed that is sucking the life out of society. That is, of course, this cultural Marxist dogma that has been so prevalent since the 1960s.

The ideology that was perfectly summed up by John Lennon’s Imagine song. Well, guess what John Lennon we no longer have to imagine what the world would be like because we’re living in it and it’s a complete hellhole for everyone with brutal murderings and the whole of society being depressed and having nothing to live for.

The only way we can truly solve this problem is not by taking away guns because as we saw in Toronto they will just use vans, knives, or anything humans can get their hands on. You see the fact is humans are incredibly deadly in it of themselves and if you have a large portion of your population that has been told lies such as that spread by this nihilistic and cultural Marxist ideology they will follow that ideology to its rational conclusion. Which is with no meaning, no morals, and no higher authority, why not shoot up the place where you feel the most depressed.

This is especially true for young white men. Who the cultural Marxists have been trying successfully to rob them of any identity which is an intrinsic part of human natures happiness. And lying to them telling them they are the reason for all the evil in the world with toxic masculinity and White privilege. You can see how this would drive any group of people insane and that’s the goal of it. To turn young white men into cornered animals with nothing to live for and nothing to lose.

That is why the alt-right is not an ideology of hate that leads to violence. Quite to the opposite, it is the only antidote for the cancer of cultural Marxism killing the cells of ideology within young men trying to figure out this world.

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