Same UFO is sighted by 6 different pilots at North of Chile


At least six commercial airplanes – five of them from Latam Chile and one from Copa Airlines – have reported to the Committee for the Study of Anomalous Air Phenomena (CEFAA) the sighting of unidentified flying objects in northern Chile. The phenomenon occurred in the early hours of May 7, about 1,350 kilometers north of Santiago, near the city of Antofagasta.

However, a video on YouTube has now been made available that shows the aircraft pilots dialogue with the flight controller.

In the video, it is possible to hear the pilot of the flight of the Copa 174 report that at the time of the Air Control Station Livor, 380 kilometers from the coast of Antofagasta, it was possible to see three strange lights.

“We do not know what it is,” he says, shortly before reporting that one of the lights has disappeared. Then the pilot of the flight Latam 639 contacts the control tower and declares that he is also seeing the lights “apparently over the sea”.

The pilot of Latam 2473 responds that he is also seeing the lights and then flight Latam 79 also informs that a light at sea level can be seen intensifying its brightness and then disappearing.

At this point, the first pilot informs that he can see three lights to the left of the aircraft:

“The lights are moving and they increase in intensity and decrease, too. Let’s turn right because they seem to be approaching,” says the pilot of Flight 174.

The flight Latam 501 also confirms that it spotted the UFOs and the 174 Cup speaks again: “What a strange phenomenon! Now we have three triangle shaped lights”. After that, the pilot of the flight Latam 577 located the lights 60 miles, or 96 kilometers, of Livor.

Chile is one of the countries that most documents unidentified flying objects in its air territory, alongside the United States, Peru, Russia and Brazil. Over the past 65 years, more than 600 reports have been recorded.

The dialogues between pilots and flight controllers can be heard in the video below, after the 4th minute, with subtitles and audio in Spanish:

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edit on 14-10-2018 by Frocharocha because: video

edit on 14-10-2018 by Frocharocha because: video

edit on 14-10-2018 by Frocharocha because: video

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