Powerful Rainbow Light?? Over Las Vegas (No pics or vid)

Okay, first let me say Hi. Its been a very long time (6-7 years). I started as a lurker when things were fair and fun. Then this new wave of e-researchers and e-experts became fascinated with the cool nerds of the web, the people that have been down the rabbit and made it back before youtube. Our fortress of solitude was under attack and was infiltrated. I fought and fought. I made a wise decision to recede in the shadows, and I left ATS all together for good due to the immature atmosphere, racism, trolling, and the ego driven purposeless post that were placed by people that woke up every day just to derail the current topic of the original post(er). I also had a post deleted by a mod for talking about natural medicine and remedies, and I had my history of messages and post erased after years and years of being a very solid, dedicated member.
This is my first time coming back because I really don’t know where I would post something like this.

Okay, so its 9:55pm, im headed to 7eleven and I noticed a big rainbow light across the sky. EDC started today so, my first attempt at any logical explanation was, ” somehow, these guys got with luxor and did something with the light”. I stared destroying my own logical attempts. For example, the light (rainbow) was much more powerful and it crossed the sky, rather than traveling straight up and this would have been between the luxor and the stratosphere. I know this because I could the stratosphere from the traffic light.

I live about 30 minutes from the strip. I made a left going away from the direction of the strip, and we were coming up to the store. I was just going to wait the couple of seconds so I could get out and observe and that was it……The only other noteworthy part of the night, I went to the gas station after that and I was discussing what I just saw with an employee. No one saw it. I pointed to the direction I saw the potential source and he pointed too and asked me ” was it like that direction, that is the direction of “edward airforce base”. I may even have that name wrong. But thought I would share that anyway.
Short description :
Thick rectangular rainbow that wasn’t shaped like a natural rainbow (like a bow). It stretched across the sky and sort of bent, like if light source is at A it should reach the standard, straight line (B). This started one place and stretched across the sky but ended up, appearing to touch the or head towards the ground. It was very powerful. I witnessed this at 9:55pm-9:57pm exactly.

I have been researching all types of things. I am kind of upset because I had the opportunity to get a ultra clear video or pic and I left my phone at home with my wife. My one time………….

Please, if anyone has any relatives out here that are into this sort of thing, contact them. If you have any info, or can offer a reasonable explanation. You are more than welcome to do so.

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