Pope blames devil for Church woes, seeks angel’s help!


originally posted by: Raggedyman
Only way to deal with it effectively is tell the truth, open the archives, apologise, and implement a policy to stop it ever happening again

Anything else is a joke and an excuse

Oh boy would I like to be a fly on the wall of the Vatican archives…

In my opinion the Vatican archives hold secrets that would blow many theories to total smithereens…

Open them up I say and let them accept the consequences of using religion and bowing down to a (in my opinion) “pretend” entity that only has mankind’s well-being at heart.

Well-being my arse!

Control over those who have a weaker position and extreme perverted desire because certain people in the clergy have much power over those in a weaker position yes…

Religion and the self important people who preach it are charlatans.

I would like to see just one nitty gritty piece of evidence that the so called god who told many people to write fairy tales actually exists.

It won’t happen ever, no-one has proved it in a laymans way or even in a scientific way…

Biggest scam (before internet) in human history.

Ewwwwe…. I was ranting there… sorry folks had a bad nights sleep.

Kindest respects


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