Pentagon reports on warp drive, extra dimensions, anti-gravity and more.


Since the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program surfaced months ago we have become aware of the Pentagon’s involvement with uap’s.
Disclosure came in between two strange and well documented incidents that happened in U.S. Airspace.
Now, new documents are showing that the Department of the Defense’s own spy agency was interested in topics that are close to science fiction that include the paranormal, warp drive, extra dimension manipulation and dark energy.

These documents were first uncovered by George Knapp of CBS affiliate channel 8 Las Vegas news.
Knapp has been looking into Bigelow Aerospace based in Las Vegas.
Robert Bigelow has been very interested in ufo’s.

the depth of the company’s official relationship with the Defense Department regarding the topic was something entirely unheard of before the disclosure of the Defense Intelligence Agency’s (DIA) Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program occurred in December 2017.

Abbreviated AATIP, that effort, and its funding, sprang from Nevada Senator Harry Reid’s interest in the topic, along with that of a Defense Intelligence Agency official. The program, which eventually cost $22 million and ran roughly between 2008 and 2012, began after Bigelow won the contract, apparently to investigate UFO sightings, along with pretty much everything else that goes along with the topic for better or worse, on behalf of the military.

Under the AAWSA name, two projects were funded that bordered on the fantastical:

The first of these studies, dated March 29, 2010, deals with “advanced space propulsion” for faster-than-light travel, discussing theoretical physical constructs such as “spacetime-altered regions” and “gravity/antigravity” forces. The second study, which the AAWSA program published on April 2, 2010, covers similar ground, but also includes discussions about “dark energy” and “extra dimensions.” The AAWSA experts did this work under the auspices of DIA’s Defense Warning Office, which makes good sense, at least conceptually. This organization first came into being in 2002 and is “charged with identifying sources of increasing threats to U.S. interests in critical regions,” according to an official briefing.

Former Senator Harry Reid commented:

These studies are so loaded with information,” Senator Reid reportedly said at one point, according to Las Vegas’ Channel 8. “One thing we learned is over the decades a lot of things happen there’s no explanation for. Well there are now.”

he continues on:

This paper has considered the possibility—even likelihood—that future developments with regard to advanced aerospace technologies will trend in the direction of manipulating the underlying spacetime structure of the vacuum of space itself by processes that can be called vacuum engineering or metric engineering,” the March 2010 study says in its final discussion section. “Far from being simply a fanciful concept, a significant literature exists in peer-reviewed, Tier 1 physics publications in which the topic is explored in detail.” “The idea that a sufficiently advanced technology may interact with, and acquire direct control over, the higher dimensions is a tantalizing possibility, and one that is most certainly worthy of deeper investigation,” the second document concludes. “Of course, this may not be actualized until many years in the future, but consider the many spectacular physical phenomena that are believed to be true at this early point in the 21st century.”

There are accounts of Bigelow’s special unit investigations and these include material from downed objects being stored.

Beyond that, accounts of Bigelow’s special unit’s investigation include claims that mysterious material from downed objects was being stored in storage lockers and that the program went far beyond documenting and evaluating eyewitness reports of UFOs. Instead, it took a holistic approach, which may have included evaluating the impact on human biology in association with sightings and other unexplained events and even seemed to have delved into other paranormal domains. This would seem to match up with the picture of the program’s work we now have based on the documents Knapp’s I-Team obtained. What we know for sure, beyond the basic facts surrounding the project and information that Elizondo, the guy who led the program on the DoD side, has given to the press, is that some very strange studies resulted from its mandate. Once again, the studies Las Vegas’ Channel 8 uncovered are official DIA documents that the United States Government paid EarthTech and other Bigelow associates to produce and kept on file for its own internal use.

If nothing else, the existence of these studies supports the perception that this program went far beyond just trying to interpret and document eye-witness accounts of UFOs and trying to identify what was buzzing around in earth’s atmosphere. And they are bound to leave just about anyone wondering if this is what has been released, imagine what else exists that hasn’t, whether out of fear of embarrassment or risk to national security.


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