Mass Immigration 2.0 Is Coming to Europe: 27 European and 28 African nations sign Marrakesh Declaration to Increase Immigration to Europe


On 2 May 2018, 27 officials from European countries and 28 African nations met in Morocco and signed the Marrakesh Political Declaration. A declaration about creating new policies of handling immigration into Europe. This declaration though is not to be confused with the Marrakesh Declaration of 2016, which was a declaration signed by more than 250 leaders and scholars in Muslim majority countries about the handling of religious minorities within those nations.

The discussion was not about the aspect of immigration you would have expected European officials to be addressing though. Rather than creating laws and policies and working on coordination between the two continents to reduce immigration, it was instead the exact opposite. The policies that are to be implemented are designed to heavily increase the amount of immigration from Africa into Europe. Although they do discuss one policy on deporting criminal immigrants the declaration as a whole is actually about increasing the overall numbers to be taken in by Europe from Africa.

How much more immigration do they want to add to the mass immigration problem Europe is facing, you ask? Well, the estimation as a result of these new policies that are to be implemented is to increase the African population in Europe from the current 9 million in 2018 to 200 to 300 million in the year 2068. This, of course, would lead the white native population as minorities within their own homeland.

And of course, the reason given for the increase to this insane amount is Europe’s low birth rates. A birth rate that was created by European officials telling Europeans specifically not to have kids for fear of overpopulation. And the claim by these childless European lawmakers that in order to maintain old age social programs they will have to bring in a new workforce. Despite the fact that in every single country where these immigrants are brought in the immigrants use up vastly larger sums of money from social programs then they contribute. Thereby drastically increasing the problem rather than fixing it.

There were, however, some officials from European countries who refused to sign this disastrous declaration. The most notable and outspoken of which was the based nation of Hungary. The Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban has famously attacked George Soros and his cultural Marxist foundations he funds such as open societies, and does not allow him to take part in the Hungarian economy is continuing the fight against globalism with this. Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijarto slammed the declaration for portraying migration as “a phenomenon that is only good and favorable and which obviously contributes to the global development.”
“We think this is an unbalanced approach and we disagree with it,” he said.

These sentiments were also shown by other European nations such as Poland, the peoples of Europe also do not want more immigration either. In every single poll taken in European countries, the majority of people always prefer less immigration to more but this doesn’t stop the EU globalists, however. Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders said Hungary’s stance would “in no way diminish the determination of other European members to find a common response to migration.”

This declaration will only serve to destroy the already crumbling European Union and see the rise of populist right-wing parties throughout Europe like we saw in Italy. So this is clearly a last-ditch effort by the globalist while they still have majority control of governments in Europe to try to create an irreversible demographic change to secure power in the future. This probably won’t work however because these right-wing governments like Italy are being very clever about this. By deporting these new massive numbers of immigrants back to Africa thereby removing these voters of globalist governments.

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