If Deep State and Shadow Govt are scared, might they try for 1st contact or disclosure to distract?


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I think that human politics looks like a less-interesting slime mold to a species that has the technology to make it to earth.

Earth is probably the trailer park of the cosmos.

Yes, but aren’t there always double edged swords, double binds, and places where rocks meet hard places and by that I don’t mean meteor impacts.

Alien to us, and our way of relating to one another and the world around us, but something tells me that universal principals are still operative, along with the paradox of authentic leadership in the divided middle and the gap between what is and what ought to be, and that there are always things ascending and descending, even when we sleep & dream at night.

I would imagine or assume that sometimes “they” get stuck in a sticky wicket so to speak.

It could also be that we have the capacity to make them laugh, even at themselves in their own technological or even psychological and spiritual superiority where the parable of the wedding feast is operative and where the last are first and the first, last.

I’m not saying that we’re super extra special or inferior, particularly if cosmic evolution involves a non-local holographic exchange of information in the zero point field or akashic record or whatever you want to call the ultimate reality in which we are embedded like raisons in a box of raisin bran ie: the most recent evolutionary byproduct having, at least in potential, an image or phylos that’s capable of super high performance, maybe even with Jesus Himself serving as a model of the power and influence of authentic, spiritually inspired human being and human interaction ie: that we stand, in truth, next to the very Godhead and have been included in the plan and the design, however facilitated, for a reason and a purpose.

I say in the midst of the dumbing down process we’ve all been subjected to by the false “matrix” of our society and culture, and in the midst of the vacuum of leadership that, well, that everything’s up in the air and up for grabs for those who possess the wisdom, the will, and the humility, and the courage and the audacity to assume our rightful place and accept a birthrite that was literally prepared for us from before the foundation of the world (beginning of time).

But do not get a hate on for the human being or for yourself, and assume, that just because we might be looking at the lowest seat at the table, that we won’t get moved on up, while someone else who assumed falsely their position is moved downtable to their own embarrassment. This “musical chairs” process does lend itself well to humor and slapstick comedy, no matter how evolved any particular species and civilization might be.

Further, however solipsistic it might appear, the Earth could very well be the crossroads for reasons that hardly anyone would have the first clue.

And if we do live within a non-local, holographic universe, local matters.

Reduce us to a speck of dust if you must (to avoid these implications), but there could very well be much more going on than meets the eyes, particularly as it relates to the true performance potential of the human being in the grand scheme of things.

One thing that can be said for certain – the keepers of the flame here on earth have dropped the ball or were caught running the wrong ball way out of bounds while the watchers and the observers look on but without raising a finger (or its equivalent), to intervene.

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