Has this footage ever been debunked?

It is my worthless opinion that far too often people promptly dismiss these alleged UFO videos as CGI. Ok, granted, they MAY be CGI. But how are you making that determination with such certainty and no apparent hesitation? What are you comparing the footage to in order to weigh your opinion? I suspect you have seen so much CGI (maybe ONLY CGI) that you wouldn’t recognize something that was “real”, and even if it were real, you would not ever believe it (no matter what).

UFO’s and other interesting phenomenon seem to “like” volcanoes. I’ve only had one or maybe two sightings of what I would consider “UFOs”, and one of them was at the base of Mt. Rainier (dormant volcano) near the small town of Eatonville here in Washington state. This just so happens to be in the approximate area where Kenneth Arnold made his famous sighting.

I don’t have enough information from the posted video that I could say one way or another if the video is a hoax or something else. Thanks for posting it, though.

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