Gloria Allred Queen of PC Culture: Media Social Engineering, Sex Allegations, and Fraud


I’ve been wanting to post this exposé for awhile, so here we go.

Gloria Allred : Media Social Engineer, Queen of PC Culture

I’m sure that everyone recognizes her, but I’m afraid that most overlook her significance and power in the way the social paradigm evolves via the Mainstream Media and that she is undeniably one of the most powerful and influential women in politics today.

When you find out all that she’s been behind and the suspicious activity she is alleged to be participating in, including fraud, I believe that you will likely find her to likely be a “Handler” of those making infamous allegations, directing their comments and instigating scandals – but that she is also knowingly engaged in Social Engineering.

This woman probably believes she is a hero and allegedly she is willing to perpetuate lies, exaggerate claims, omit facts, twist words, and commit fraud in order to prove herself as an All American Heroine.

Let us examine her biography and peruse her outstanding achievements in brainwashing the masses and creating an environment where no one can even flirt or compliment each other because workplaces everywhere are oppressed by PC culture and overwhelmed with fear and terror at becoming the next victim of tomorrow’s harassment allegations.

So what’s she do?

In a legal career that has spanned four decades, Allred has represented a wide variety of clients in civil rights suits that have involved sexual harassment, women’s rights, wrongful termination, and employment discrimination. The New Republic has called her “a longtime master of the press conference.”[14] She often takes high-profile cases, using press conferences and appearances on television to much effect. Allred has represented many clients in suits against celebrities, including those against Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee, Arnold Schwarzenegger,[15] Herman Cain,[16] David Boreanaz,[17][18] Scott Lee Cohen,[19] Anthony Weiner,[20] Sacha Baron Cohen,[21] and Esai Morales.[22]

She started small, but eventually became arguably the most powerful woman in PC Politics and Culture in US History, even if it meant she had to fabricate exaggerate and instigate by twisting things as much as necessary to achieve her ambitions of engineering You and Your world.

Though she may have had a reasonable point in some of these proceedings, and her original goals might have been led by good intentions, as you will see she quickly devolved into political extremism and divisive rhetoric that has led to an ocean of pain and suffering, endless arguments, and countless allegations shaping the fabric of our society at large.

In 1979, Allred represented seven children and their parents in a lawsuit against the Sav-On Drugstore chain to stop the store from designating separate sections for boys and girls toys.[24]

In 1981, while California State Senator John G. Schmitz was leading hearings on outlawing abortion, Allred presented him with a chastity belt. Schmitz retaliated in a press release, calling her a “slick butch lawyeress.” She sued him for libel, and eventually secured a settlement of $20,000 and an apology.[25]

A small start, but she got big quick. She sued an all-men club to let her and some other women in, and she won!

In 1985, Allred, along with Catharine MacKinnon, drafted a version of the Antipornography Civil Rights Ordinance for Los Angeles County. The legislation failed to pass the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.[26][27] In 1987, Allred took on the then all-male Friars Club of Beverly Hills, an exclusive private club, over its membership discrimination policies.[28] The Friars Club eventually allowed Allred and five other women to use the club’s health facilities,[29] after Allred displayed early skills in effective use of the media.[30]

Allred (right) with client Norma McCorvey (“Jane Roe” in Roe v. Wade), 1989

That’s Jane Roe by the way who Allred represented later on, who then became an activist in the Pro-Life movement, outspoken against Abortion. She was instrumental in our current pro-abortion laws so this is interesting that she changed her mind afterwards.

“I’m 100 percent pro-life. I don’t believe in abortion even in an extreme situation. If the woman is impregnated by a rapist, it’s still a child. You’re not to act as your own God,” she told The Associated Press in 1998. – Jane Roe

NBC link

Then Allred went after Politicians over Sexual Harassment Allegations, which became one of her hallmarks.

Allred wrote a letter to the Senate Ethics Committee in 1992 asking them to investigate the actions of Oregon Senator Bob Packwood, who had been the subject of a newspaper article that detailed his history of sexual harassment. She kept pressure on the Committee and urged Packwood to release his diaries. The Committee eventually voted for his expulsion, and he resigned.[31]

Then she tried to get girls into the Boy-Scouts, unsuccessfully:

In 1995, Allred represented eleven-year-old Katrina Yeaw in Yeaw v. Boy Scouts of America, a suit against the Boy Scouts of America to determine whether the organization had the right to exclude girls from being members.[32]

Then she went after OJ Simpson:

That same year, she represented Nicole Brown Simpson’s family during the O. J. Simpson murder trial.

Then she went after Princess Diana’s famous boyfriend for dumping Kelly Fisher:

In August 1997, she represented the model Kelly Fisher[33] when she sued Dodi Fayed for allegedly breaking off their engagement to begin his highly publicized relationship with Diana, Princess of Wales. The suit was dropped not long after Diana and Fayed died in Paris that August.[34]

And get this one, a huge victory that generated a lot of publicity and changed the way Hollywood itself conducted it’s business (which might be one of the only fair changes she’s made):

Allred represented Melrose Place actress Hunter Tylo in 1997 when producer Aaron Spelling fired her because she was pregnant.[35][36] A jury awarded Tylo $4.8 million. The case was important in establishing the rights of actors to continue work if they become pregnant.[37]

She then targeted Michael Jackson and generated a lot of bad press for him in his child sex abuse scandals:

After pop singer Michael Jackson held his son over a hotel balcony in Berlin in 2002, Allred wrote a letter to California’s Child Protective Services, asking for an investigation into the safety of Jackson’s children and spoke on CNN about the subject.[38] She also briefly represented a young boy in 1993 who had accused Jackson of sexual abuse.[39]

She even spearheaded our modern Transgender movement, which although what happened to this kid was absolutely tragic and unacceptable, I have a hunch she did it for an ulterior motive rather than for genuine altruism:

Later in 2002, Allred represented the family of Gwen Araujo, a transgender teen who was brutally beaten to death when it was learned that she was born a man.[40]

She got in on the Scott Peterson media craze:

In 2004, Allred represented Amber Frey when Frey was a witness in the criminal case against Scott Peterson.[41]

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