Bizarre squiggly contrails seen above Kent UK


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I have been on the fence about contrails, but yesterday I saw clouds that might have been an old contrail that was wavy that had a long end that jetted off in a straight line. I thought that did not look normal. At the same time, I saw three planes two seemed to be at similar altitudes and one at a higher altitude in the same area. One left a large and distinct contrail that stayed in the sky the other did not have any vaper coming off it at all and the higher one has a trail that dissipated quickly. So what gives, all in the same area of each other similar altitudes.

This gets me too. Contrails evaporate quickly- they don’t stay and then spread out and then join with other contrails to form a dull thin cloud cover.

Or, they never used to. These persistent expanding contrails that cross-cross the sky in a grid pattern and join to form a blanket of gray didn’t happen when I was growing up. Just regular thin trails behind the plane that vanished. Maybe they use a different type of jet fuel now?

Those who deny “chemtrails” or refuse to even consider the possibility, they are VERY sure that the “chemtrail” deal is nonsense, and they will shame you down with many facts and scientific explanations. I usually feel like a giant fool for even considering the possibility; for even questioning the expanding contrails that take over the blue sky.

On topic, the squiggly one is cute. Doesn’t it look like the trail left by various (or maybe one specific) aspect of rocket launches? Was it that?

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