Alleged Unseen NASA Apollo 11 Faked Studio Moon Landing Video Montage Appears Online

a reply to: Allaroundyou

I’m with you there.
I’ve seen plenty of compelling post and videos for and against here on ATS which leaves me firmly stuck on the fence.

I get the feeling that this video may simply be a construct from many other sources, simply by the way the video has been re-edited and stuck together.

Some of the footage appears to have been filmed in a studio and some in a desert, yet I can’t really see anything Apollo related in the desert, or perhaps I’m not looking hard enough.

Personally, I have no idea if any of this footage is unseen, or just more regurgitation of same old same old.

I eagerly await the input of some of our more knowledgeable members who have studied this subject in far more depth than I.

If anyone can prove or disprove this footage it will be ATS and its members.

Here’s a few stills for those unable to view the video at present.


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