A mysterious boom baffles Tampa Bay, and official sources shrug…

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That is exactly what I said (well I added the nuke part out of ignorance. I thought they were able to see them launch or something) to the eight other people and kids in my group when we saw it. But I am telling you right now, at least 150 people at Orbital paintball looked up and saw this flying at the same height as the helicopters usually do right over the goddamn trees today in the afternoon along Highway 301.

Sir, just prior to that, one of the sheriff’s helicopters had come from the same direction. Something in that plane must have went wrong dude, cuz why the hell was it that low that far from the base?? I don’t see plans that low until they are like less than two miles out from the airport. Even the blackhawks that regularly seen for the Medical extraction guys fly over town are at least 1000 feet up. Does that dome give it better cruising aerodynamics so it can stay that low for miles? Anybody interested could also call the Tampa Machine auction that was about a 1/2 mile south of orbital paintball. It was so full that the overflow parking was both sides of the median on the highway. Maybe they were selling the plane in a private auction and had to demonstrate it? They would have seen it too, as it was following a bit east of 301 in a south by south west trajectory. There had to be at least double the amount of people at the auction as at the paintball joint.

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