Will the US turn into a full blown dictatorship in the near future?

While I am aware at this point it is impossible because the people will not accept a dictatorship, thing is it might change over the coming decade.

Ever since the passage of the Patriot Act, we are gradually losing our rights bit by bit.

In addition, we now have people calling for the shut down of free speech because of feelings which is disturbing because in the past, it would have been laughable. I gotta admit, ever since the rise of the SJW movements, they crossed a very dangerous line with the use of Antifa Stormtroopers to silence conservative speakers.

I wonder what other freedoms we will lose next?

It seems like we are being programmed to slowly accept tyranny and lose faith on US values.

I wonder how long will it takes before the people finally think a dictatorship is a very good idea?

As the saying goes “Death by a thousand paper cuts”

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