wildfire victims prevented from returning over health concerns

It’s no longer Agenda 21 but Agenda 2030 now. However, said to be similar. The three ways in or out, it was a known issue in a fire concern area not taken care of. Let alone the electric company not turning off the electric when it was reported to be sparking and of course in a very dry environment. See the law suit from last year as well.

If this area was really targeted either by electric company causing it for an agenda or other, a known retiree are also known for being one of the last affordable places to live in the state, there’s no words for how they were targeted in a death trap.

The count is at eighty-one deceased, 870 still missing-albeit some may be incorrectly reported-or at least one dan hope there’s not that many missing/desceased. Now that there’s fear with the incoming rain about washing away the remains of the missing(one source). It’s speculated it might never be known how many are really missing.

Combine all of that with the current op news, and the past news of officials not sure if people will ever return/rebuilt,this all amounts to a perfect crime.

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