Why are people falling for the left/right thing?


For most of my life I’ve wondered why people have their shorts in a bunch over so many things they have no control over. For instance, neither Putin or Trump are going to change anything they’re doing, for what I think, or you. You’re not going to prevent any of the many greatest fears people obsess over, so what is the point of obsessing over things out of your control? Political extremists can rant all day online, whether left of right, and have zero impact on anything. Same with disaster bugs. I believe it’s simply a display of how much people are, in fact, controlled by their fears and hatreds, which is a character flaw. If I have no control over anything, I’m not going to get my blood pressure up over it, and would feel like a fool to think any other way. Every day is more peaceful this way. And why do you turn power over your consciousness to the likes of talking heads you don’t even know?

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