What would be the IQ of Aliens according to your own research


Ok,lets for a moment assume ET (that is non-human intelligent beings in this context) exist and they are frequent visitors of our little troublesome planet.

In that context ET has plagued us for a relatively long time. At least 50 years maybe more.
The result endless tug of war between believers and non-believers.

How intelligent is ET ?

Fooling the scientists…

In that context people assume that all we know from our scientists is the truth. But is it ? I for myself have an hard time believing everything NASA claims to be true. Placing all the blame on NASA is however easy. Maybe NASA is fooled. To be honest I find that not that hard to believe. Any alien civilization coming here (or even living next to us) must be able to protect itself against predators. Again here I’m assuming there is more than 1 alien civilisation in the ‘universe’.
So cloaking , forcefield all the old Star Trek stuff , it’s only reasonable to assume they have that tech right ? (Even our own military can cloak stuff if you believe some conspiracy theorists on this site).

So isn’t it logic to assume that in this scenario the information that scientists get by investigating space might not reveal all there is. In this scenario I don’t blame the scientist , no conspiracies here. That’s oversimplified I know.

Yet again most people believe what scientist say and at the same time state that ET has way more advanced tech than us humans. That doesn’t compute… let me explain.

The whole pattern of sightings is more an add random , add hoc nature. But there are some (if one believes) constants. That is sightings (military / Radioactivity / Vulcano’s).
Ok this maybe be sound farfetched but what if ET is partolling earth. (that’s my own opinion)

If that’s really is the case than ET must have it’s bases somewhere very near. It might even have cloaked the very subjects scientists examine…

Fuzzing the telemetry… fooling satelites…. the ET in the middle.

Well I think it isn’t that big of an assumpion that ET could be (at least in theory) the classical man in the middle. Were the first datacommunitations even encrypted ? A picture from a for instance jupiter , is that untampered how would scientists even know ?

So it sounds kind of weird to me that scientists not even consider that idea to be relevant. So we explore space and in advance we know there is nothing out there that can intervere with our explorations. That is in my view a very naive kind of thinking.

The internet , radio and television….

We as a society create a rather large footprint when it comes to broadcasting. Most of it is unencrypted. Radio and television is one sided.
But if one considers internet , that it’s no surprise that ET could in theory use it for their own purposes right now. Chatting with ET , ET on social media , ET sending bots to influence whatever they like well that sounds paranoia. But is it in this scenario really that farfetched ? Science has to at least consider the possibility but do they ? It’s just assumed by those who believe that ET doesn’t do that right ? Too paranoia , so lets replace ET with the Russians and it becomes Mainstream news. However you look at it the mechanism of control exists.

The Question ?

So that brings me to the question in this scenario .

‘IF aliens exist what would be the IQ according to your own research’.

Would it be able to intervere or even control society from a far ?
And if so what kind of mechanisms do they use to alter behaviour in society.

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