What really happened to JFK?


Who killed JFK?
On a beautiful fall day, 54 years ago, in Dallas Texas, someone, or some group, killed one of the most charismatic US Presidents of our time. The burning question is, who done it and why?

Was it a coup conspiracy, or a lone nut? Was the Vice President involved, or was it a lone, disgruntled, past marine?

Do you believe a simple ex-marine could get permission to go to Russia and select a wife? Cold he have made the shot? Was he left handed, using a right handed rifle?

Who ran the operation? Was it a Texas oilman/ CIA contractor, later to become the Director of of the CIA with no experience, then VP, and President? George H. W. Bush? Was he in Dallas on the week of the 22nd?

Who ran the cover up on the Warren Commission, was it another later VP then President? Gerald Ford? Was he in Dallas?

Who could control and stall the investigation? Could it have been J. E. Hoover, himself? Did he hate the Kennedy brothers?

What other Kennedy “haters” were in Dallas that day? Perhaps Richard M. Nixon?

Was the Chicago Syndicate involved? Perhaps working with the CIA as they did in Cuba? Was James Sutton, aka Jimmy Files, Johnny Roselli and Charles Nicolette, the shooters as Sutton confessed? Did Lee Harvey Oswald help them sit up the operation?

Did Jack Ruby really kill Lee Harvey Oswald? Could it be a stunt, the likes of mission impossible? Could Oswald be alive today?

Why won’t the US government release all of the documents without redactions as promised 50 years ago.

I would love to hear your thoughts?

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