We can switch your misiles on and switch them off.

This is interesting as it looks like a fairly true statement of the amount of UFO reports over Russian and American missile

sites. The classic saucer aims a light which seems to upload the nuclear missile sight as if it were a piece of information ,bypass the codes and make the missiles go into countdown mode. The consequences of this mean that the missiles, now no longer belong under the command of either the USA or the then Soviet Union, or the Russian Federation as of now. It seems a third party is now involved, and could use them to target either country or not as the case maybe . So basically the biggest stick which cost the taxpayer the most, is a totally useless piece of unreliable junk, whos control has passed to this third party, a long time ago.
So for if war was to go Nuclear, one or the other of the main players would have to get permission to launch, if these reports are true it doesn’t look like they would get it.
What is really interesting is …if the third party are extraterrestrials, then a timeline from the first Nuclear explosion on Earth , until the first witness reports of the flying saucers arriving in the skies of Earth, aligned with their flying characteristics seem to suggest, they might live a couple of light years away. As reports seem to suggest 1947 which was two years after Japan was bombed. Which means they can travel at the speed of light. That’s if they came here as soon as the detonation was detected.

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