Very spooky holographic plane hovering immobile over freeway/motorway in UK


On the way back from lunch with my family in North_West England, UK, my family & I witnessed something downright bizarre. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get photos due to the curve of the freeway/motorway taking us behind a line of trees which obscured our view.

As we approached the exit ramp, I noticed a large passenger jet (probably a 747 or equivalent) apparently in a position which suggested a line of flight over the bridge which the exit ramp leads onto. I had a moment of puzzlement, because I’ve taken the exit hundreds of times in the past few years, and being a local resident who is situated directly under a flight path, I knew that no flight path crossed the freeway/ motorway at that location, or at such low altitude.

My puzzlement turned to a sickening feeling as we drove off the exit ramp & began to cross the bridge – it didn’t seem to be moving! It literally appeared to be hovering, stock still, approximately just under half a kilometer away, with absolutely no motion in any direction, and absolutely no sound whatsoever – at such proximity it should have been roaring. It gave me a very, very uncertain feeling in my gut – it was a very ‘wrong’ situation on many levels.

Now what’s strange is that I saw a YouTube video a couple of weeks ago which seemed to show the exact same situation – a plane hovering over a freeway/motorway junction & bridge, no motion, no noise. I had assumed the video was a fake – but now I’m having second thoughts. I believe the freeway/motorway junction location for these experiences is deliberately chosen so that reactions can be gauged but there is little chance that anyone will be able to record the event – because it’s over as soon as it’s noticed, due to speed & direction of travel, and skyline obstructions.

It seems to me that they have perfected the holographic projection technology. Now the question is – what are they going to use it for? (And has it been used covertly on a previous occasion perhaps?)

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