UFOs over Ireland spotted by two different pilots

Yeah, fastwalkers. We have that here (UK). They often make an appearance in Oct/Nov when the nights draw in. Good to know they’re still out there and up to their usual high-jinx. It’s been quiet over the UK in recent times.

The “investigation” will be bull#, but we know, right?

The pilot said he saw “two bright lights” over to the right which climbed away at speed.

The 2 travelling/playing together is a thing. Like the Statue of Liberty is a thing. They are a recurring cast member of UK skies. They crop up now and again in UK reports. Always good when their existence is re-affirmed by pilots like this. And I believe we also have them on tape already (I’ve posted this vid a hundred times to the same tune lol):

(note: Birds don’t oscillate, IMO the oscillation is the key clue you are being given here [by them] to move your critical thinking on the subject forward)

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