UFOs filmed from Elon Musks car, floating in space

I posted about this earlier but the post was taken down. I think it was because I didn’t write enough about the videos I was posting.

You guys remember Elon Musk sending his red Tesla convertible into space, as his rocket’s test-launch required some kind of dead weight, to test its ability to carry heavy loads into space.

Usually NASA and others will place a chunk of concrete or something like that, but Elon Musk decided to make it more fun, by sending his car as the dead weight.

His car then floated in space for a few hours, recording until the batteries died in its cameras, a few hours later.

Several UFO’s were filmed by those car-cameras, and I think they deserve more attention than they’ve gotten.

So here is a handful of very clear UFO’s filmed by the car’s cameras:

First, this is a flashing UFO that looks like a distant airplane, due to its regular pattern of flashing multiple times, then stopping, then flashing several more times, then pausing, etc. It also seems to fly in a clear 3-stage path of descending onto screen, then flying straight across, then ascending out of frame. 3 distinct stages of its flight.

So here is the vid:

Now secondly, here is a zoom-in video of the UFO in that first video. This should especially be helpful for anyone who has trouble seeing the flashing UFO in the first vid for being so small. Here it is, blown up:

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