UFO spotted flying across the sky in Australia


So, this is a good one!

Yeah yeah, I can hear you say, it’s a drone. But it’s an awfully odd drone if actually a drone?

Anyway, it spooked the driver enough for her to pull over and get some good footage of it.

Thoughts ladies and gentlemen?


A stunned motorist spotted a strange ‘UFO’ flying across the road she was driving along – close to a military naval base. Junelyn Bitalac was returning from dropping her mum off at work in Hastings, a suburb of Melbourne, on the morning of May 28 when she noticed the black object hovering in the sky. Pulling over to take a closer look, the personal care assistant was shocked to see a disk shape travelling quickly and smoothly through the clear blue skies. Following its flight path religiously, Junelyn’s unbelievable footage captures the aircraft clearly as it passed over power lines before disappearing behind some trees.

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