UFO Radio : New Interview with Calvin Parker †The Pascagoula UFO Incident

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Those angry islanders have been in the news again. The ones who throw sticks at 21st Century technology and are the poster children for ‘get off my lawn.’ The Sentinelese.

I like the analogy between ‘civilisation,’ their little island and visiting strangers. Nobody can interact with them in fear they’ll be wiped out by our sniffles. People can’t visit openly because they’ll be killed and have their heads displayed as trophies. Their genome is comparable to an ice core sample from millennia ago. Relatives from the island cluster still have the distant signatures of Heidels in their genetic makeup.

Probe-wise, who knows? The Folk from Elsewhere appear to keep a distance. Victims are withdrawn to those brightly lit rooms and tampered with in seemingly clinical environments. There’s such a commonality of humanoid body forms that perhaps we’re similar to the Sentinelese in being an isolated tribe subject to research ventures.

I don’t know and I’m not trying to make the case. Some of the reports just provoke more ideas of physically solid structures than others. The men described rough, physical contact and then being in a solid environment. Parker said he received a cut (on his arm iirc) in the incident and tossed/burned the stained shirt in a panicky, horrified state of mind. He said something like he stayed in the shower for a long time in fear of their germs.

Some will argue that ‘he said’ doesn’t mean # and it’s right enough. I don’t feel inclined to dismiss small details like that when I can’t explain the broader details.

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