ufo lands inside school, somehow loreto argentina 1979 (humanoid encounters)

some cases just defy belief, this is one example

On January 13th 1979 a 12 year old boy, Marcos Rafael Suarez had an unusual encounter with a UFO and its crew. The incident took place in Loreto, Argentina around noon. Marcos however, did not witness the UFO in the outdoors as one would expect, but inside a 4×4 meters room. How did the craft (measuring H:1.4m, L:1m, W: 0.6m) appear in the room? It was a Saturday noon and Marcos was in school premises keeping company to his father, the school´s janitor. At that moment he was in a room about to place inside the fridge a watermelon. Apart from the fridge this store room contained a wooden table used as a desk; a few small chairs; some other tables, a medicine box and a disused record player. He suddenly hear the sound of a cardboard box full of newspapers falling on the floor. On turning around he saw a rectangular craft suspended about 20 cm from the floor making a fan-like noise. The craft was aluminium in colored and on the front (width of 60cm) upper part had a screen/window through which one could just see some of the craft´s interior. Inside he saw a rectangular tank with some cables connected to it. Below the screen the object had a large circular reflector resembling a car´s headlight. Under the headlight the boy saw a number of equally spaced vertical lines. Next, two doors opened from each side of the object. A well-proportioned humanoid of about 80cm tall appeared from the right door, another one followed from the left side. They were dressed in shiny one-piece overalls and wore helmets of the same material. They had a dark horizontal glass-like band around their head at eye-level that seem to serve as a visor. The humanoid from the left side approached the boy (1.5m tall) and held his arm. The boy tried to free himself from the four-fingered grip but the humanoid held him harder. Marcos then heard a voice in Spanish emanating from the craft asking him to sit down and don´t move. The being forced Marcos to the chair. Marcos was unable to move but was fully conscious. While on the chair, Marcos noticed that the other being left the room closing the door behind him. Having visibility on their backs he noticed that each one had a type of oxygen tank that appeared like a soda siphon with a clock-like device on the top. The other humanoid returned to the craft and activated a beam of reddish light towards the boy. Marcos was blinded and his eyes became watery. He could not move or shout and in a few moments lost consciousness. Eventually, Marcos gained consciousness. He was still on the chair but now able to move. The beings and the craft were gone but the room was in disorder and smelled of sulfur. The door which one of the beings had closed was now open. As he tried to walk out of the room he stumbled and fell. As he stood up his younger sister entered the room. A few minutes later his father arrived at the scene. Marcos bearing symptoms on his face (red-purple color) and in state of distress told everything to his father

source: www.historydisclosure.com…
how could a extraterrestrial civilization get an car sized aircraft inside a classroom? this is one of those weird hard questions that ETH cultists ignore
this report is clearly not an invention, in fact it was published to what was at the time, the finest UFO newsletter, flying saucer review.
this case by no way works in an ETH-solo interpretation of the UFO phenomena
there is also the fact that the UFO, looks like a giant cut cardboard box, even having panel “doors”, as they say the cosmic trickster appears with the disquise the witness is most familiar with and the witness was a child….

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