UFO-Cloud (UK) Photo ENHANCED (June 2018)


originally posted by: merka
Call me a little negative but its kind of disappointing if someone thinks “Oh my god is that a several kilometer size alien spaceship proving life on other planets and us not being alone in the universe? I better take exactly 3 photos of it and then chill with a movie or something, nothing more interesting happening anyway”.

I would have taken pictures until the camera/phone filled up and then I’d go and ask a neighbour to take some more pics. Worst case scenario you find out its just a wierd cloud that’s breaking up after a while and you can delete the pics.

I think people often feel very mixed and confused, in such situations. On the one hand, the cloud looks like a floating solid object, so he was curious and excited.

On the other hand, his reaction might have been tempered, because (for example) he might have felt like it was stupid to be excited about a cloud lol.

So his response might seem muted, because he didn’t want to get too carried away, about something that he thinks is “stupid” to be excited about.

There’s also often an element of FEAR that happens automatically, during sightings, it seems. So he might have felt nervous just standing there staring at it, and he might have wanted to go inside his house (even if it was a sub-conscious urge).

Pragmatically speaking, he did say that his phone wasn’t working right, for taking video. So apparently, taking photos was really the only thing possible.

And in those 3 shots, only 1 pic is really detailed and interesting, so maybe he figured that he already caught the best image possible, and called it a wrap.

One more thing, it’s not realistic that anyone would see something mysterious, and then go shouting to all his neighbors lol, and asking to borrow their cameras and phones. lol

While I understand your enthusiasm for such an imagined scenario, the truth is that usually human self-consciousness and common sense will prevent someone from doing something like that.

And let’s be honest, if everyone freaked out to his neighbors, everytime he saw something mysterious, then a lot of his neighbors would just assume he was crazy lol.

So that idea of an Earth-shattering sighting that stops everyone in their tracks, and they get their neighbors, and the whole neighborhood is soon watching the same UFO… It’s a nice thought lol but it really won’t ever happen like that, in real life.

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