TWO FBI Agents Murdered One Day Before Testifying Against Hillary Clinton!.

Dear ATS Readers, Writers,

a reply to: carewemust

Ah, carewemust… again… I was going to post this, but you did…good on ya.

S&F from me…

Now, carewemust… don’t you know the deaths are “only a coincidence” mate? Nothing to see, move along…..Cough, cough….don’t report this too much or we might wind up committing suicide too with 4 shots to the back of head each…or something totally doable by most high paid circus contortionists.

Bloody oath… two more to add to their long list of bad luck associates of the Clinton’s…

Seriously what are the odds? Billion to 1?

They got whacked before they could spill the beans…duh….

To prosecute they somehow have to come up with some hard evidence…Hard to find when ordered not to find/leave any evidence. Now who is doing the dirty deeds?…FBI? CIA? MS-13?
Rogue Girl Scouts maybe? Random “ice” addicts?


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