Thousand Oaks shooting tied to Las Vegas

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When you think about how big the earth is and how many people we have in the US alone and the size of this continent, it’s a really odd feeling when you pass a friend from another city in a city 100 miles away that you’re visiting.

Imagine this…..! It’s a bit creepy… Odd… Suspicious.

Does anyone remember? The last few mass shootings had the same “odd” thing going (did I just quote myself?). Survivors in one mass shooting spree survived a second. Same with the marathon bombings. Same with the 911 planes. Now once more. It’s very odd indeed that there is one hell of a Final Destination effect going on here.

Or… Or… Something is up with some secret cabal, playing some really sick, twisted games.

I’m just glad I’m not the only one that noticed.

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