The Top 10 Biggest Losers Of 2017


Well, everyone, 2017 has been one hell of a ride.

It seems like only days ago, half of the country was in hysterics over the election of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States. It is difficult to imagine that everything that has happened since then has taken place in the span of a single year – yet, here we are. During this past year, many figures and groups under the public eye have failed dramatically, and, as we would like to phrase it, have lost to the rising countercultural movement latent within Generation Z. So, without any particular order, here are the top ten losers of 2017. 

1. Black Twitter
Black Twitter is a digital subculture that is almost unhealthily obsessed with any subject that is remotely related to black people or persons. Raising eyebrows with its #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen hashtag in 2013, Black Twitter is infamous for its inability to make friends with anyone. Nobody likes black Twitter.


This year, Black Twitter notably blew up the Keaton Jones story, and then acted as if all black people were being assaulted by a teary-eyed prepubescent victim of bullying. Hilariously, an entire website has been dedicated to archiving the “best of Black Twitter,” with an archive spanning back to early 2016. Ultimately, Black Twitter has shown itself to be nothing more than a community of hype-lords brainstorming about how they are inherently victimized.

2. Keith Olbermann
The Resistance with Keith Olbermann was short-lived political web series hosted by title’s namesake. In September 2016, the show premiered and received 170 million views as of March 2017. A book adaptation of the series was published in October 2017, titled, “”Trump is F*cking Crazy (This is not a joke).”

Olbermmann has historically provided more speaking space for liberal guests on his shows than individuals with other opinions, and was outspoken about former President Bush in 2003.

In October 2017, Olbermann stated that he believed that the National Rifle Association “is not branded for what it is — a terrorist organization.” Moreover, in a response to the daughter of the President of the United States, Olbermann tweeted the following:

Taking into account the fact that the alternative conservatism is catching fire across the nation, Olbermann’s statements will likely come back to bite him in the future.

3. Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter
Behold, the unholy trinity of social media networking. Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter all have a recent history of censoring politically incorrect. In direct opposition to the American ideal of freedom of speech, these social media platforms have seen notable decline in public approval.

This disapproval by the public can be witnessed by several correlated phenomena. Both 4Chan and have seen drastic increases in traffic and users. Despite the constant association by the media between alternative media outlets and neo-Nazism, neo-conservatives and the like continue to decry “fake news” and the unholy trinity of social media networking in the name of free speech and exchange.

4. Colin Kaepernick
When it comes to expressing reverence to a temporal ruler, kneeling has historically been the enforced action, as the image of a man on his knee – or on both of his knees – depicts a type of humbling, submissive gesture towards a certain figure. The action itself has been used in a multitude of ways throughout history, from expressing reverence to kings and emperors, to liturgical action, to prayerful submission to God.

In August 2016, however, quarterback Colin Kaepernick announced his decision to take a knee during the national anthem in order to express his opinion on what he believed was blatant systemic racism in the United States government. “When there’s significant change and I feel like [the American] flag represents what it’s supposed to represent, [and that] this country is representing people the way that it’s supposed to, I’ll stand,” said Kaepernick.

Although Kaepernick’s name is what made #4 on this list, it is the NFL in general that deserves to be called out for being a huge loser this year. In September 2017, it was reported that the Oakland Raiders threw a game after their quarterback, Derek Carr, chose to stand for the national anthem. One of the team’s offensive linemen has been recorded saying, “He wants to stand alone, he can stand alone on the field.”

5. Linda Sarsour
In 2017, Linda Sarsour participated in celebrating “National Black Women’s Equal Pay Day,” aka, the ultimate SJW holiday (read more here).

Sarsour has a notorious history for pushing a Muslim agenda into American liberalism and feminism, holding the co-chair of the 2017 Women’s March. Born to Palestinian parents, Sarsour is both a religious Muslim and political activist. She has stoked the flames of progressive intersectionalism, rallying American Muslims to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

In June 2017, Sarsour was scheduled to deliver a graduation address at the City University of New York; however, objections were raised to her past appearance alongside Rasmea Odeh, a convicted terrorist and criminal who actively participated in two bombings in Jerusalem alongside an illegal organization. Responding to her female critics, Sarsour tweeted that she wished that she could “take their vaginas away,” sparking controversy across the internet.

6. Hollywood

Not much needs to be said about this entertainment behemoth’s placement on this list. 

Between the 1990s and 2015, popular film producer Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted or harassed at least thirteen women who were interviewed during a recent ten-month investigation. This news hit the world by storm, and various media outlets have exploded because of these immoral acts. However, it is apparent that most of the recent outrage is due to Weinstein’s actions in and of themselves rather than the real evil at hand; that is, that this scandal was somehow capable of continuing for as long as it did. 

Weinstein’s abuse of women has apparently been an ongoing affair for decades, and the masses are justified in their reaction against this; however, the most disturbing aspect off this situation is that so many people covered up for him.

Sharon Waxman, founder of The Wrap, claims that actors Matt Damon and Russell Crowe made “direct appeals to Waxman to vouch for Fabrizio Lombardo, the head of Miramax, Italy, whom Maxman suspected was covering up Weinsteins’ sexual activity overseas. Waxman also said Weinstein showed up to the Times offices.” Damon and Crowe have both denied this story, despite allegations from both Waxman and actress Rose McGoawn. Representatives for Damon and Crowe did not respond to Business Insider’s request for comment. 

The New York Times possessed papers that would have provided evidence for Weintstein’s “sexual misconduct back in 2004,” but instead “gutted it under pressure,” letting the story go untold and Weinstein unrestrained.

Perhaps one of the most disturbing cover ups lies at the feet of American law enforcement, with the New York Police Department possessing an unreleased audio recording of Weinstein in the act of sexual assault. In this audiotape, you can hear her repeatedly try to shut down Weinstein who clearly doesn’t understand what it means when a woman says ‘no.’ 

When considered alongside the copious amount of shows put out by Hollywood that actively pander to SJW-sensibilities (read more here, here, and here), Hollywood has become tantamount to a social club of elite sex offenders trying desperately to fit in with the status quo. 

7. The University
Historically, the university has been a place for students and professors to openly discuss ideas, regardless of their potentially offensive nature. The Catholic Church is one of the most notable examples of academic openness, utilizing colleges and universities to further ideological dialogue. Despite standing for staunch dogmatic principles, as an institution the catholic church has shown an astounding ability to tolerate intellectual diversity and freedom of speech without censoring opposition.

Until the 20th century, the university was a space where thinkers from every school of thought could congregate and discuss politically incorrect topics; however with the vast ideological and technical advances that were seen after the turn of the 20th century universities have lost there historic ability to tolerate a massive variety of differing intellectual traditions

Today the university is an isolated bubble of progressive rhetoric, intended to stifle academic deviance. Postmodernism has introduced the concept of perpetual oppression in the presence of opposition, and as such, any opposition to the contemporary status quo is considered to be nothing short of sociological heresy.

In 2017, shortly after the election of Donald J Trump to the presidency, campuses nationwide have embodied the spirit of academic intolerance towards non-liberal strands of thought. The C-16 Bill passed in Canada earlier this year, which criminalized the misidentification of ones gender, shows how far universities have strayed from there former commitment to discourse.

Leftist professors currently outnumber right-wing faculty 12-to-1 Communism, Marxism, and Globalism are all heralding as thee exclusive social position that can be respectably adhered to by students. As such, higher education is dead.

 8. YouTube
In 2017, YouTube partnered with the ADF to limit the amount of offensive and socially insensitive content on their platform. This led to thee temporary suspension of Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, a prolific psychologist and center-right intellectual. Various YouTube accounts have also been terminated under a new set of rules instituted by the joint organizational effort. Even historical content, including German anthems and music from the 1940s were placed under a limited monetization status. Many YouTubers, including PewDiePie, have suffered greatly from the platforms decision to combat “offensive” content.

Because of these developments, the YouTube community has been understandable troubled by YouTube’s seemingly leftist persuasion. Coupled with Google’s termination of James Fields, (a former employee who was terminating for holding traditional positions on gender roles), the international digital community has effectively been told that being right is not alright.

9. Millennials.
Of course, no elaborate list of losers would be complete without throwing millennials under the bus. Let’s face it – nobody likes millennials. Men and women in their twenty-somethings today seem to believe that they run the world, and with this authority complex intertwined with their characteristically liberal outlook, Millennials are perpetually angry at the world and enjoy taking any opportunity they can to complain about how unfair this or that may be. 

Millennials, however, will soon be eaten by their successors: Generation Z and beyond. Several studies indicate that the newest generational cohort, coined “Gen. Z,” is overwhelmingly conservative and stands in direct opposition to the progressive bend celebrated by Millennials (read more about Gen. Z’s staunchly conservative positions here). 

10. Star Wars 
The modern Star Wars installations have abandoned the traditional notion of good and evil for a postmodern, democratic, and morally ambiguous fairytale about how equality is the sole virtue worth attaining. Long gone is the galaxy where unique individuals undergo grueling training to attain proficiency in the Force. No longer is there a special class of defenders to maintain order and power; rather, we are met with nothing more than a cold, hard reality that everybody is special. And when everybody is special, nobody is. 

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Thus, whereas in the beginning of the Star Wars cinematic franchise one might be swayed to root for the Rebel Alliance, with their strong willpower and dedication to preserving the weak, with the current predicament of the cinematic universe one might second guess who the “good guys” really are. The lines are blurred. There are no heroes, no villains, and no unique attributes that distinguish the protagonist from the antagonist. The basic literary traits that define the genre of fiction have fled, and in their place, moral ambivalence and the democratization of the most powerful force in the universe have taken hold of the reigns. Star Wars as a franchise has received overwhelmingly negative response from even its core fanbase. 

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The Top 10 Biggest Losers Of 2017

It seems like only days ago, half of the country was in hysterics over the election of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States. It is difficult to imagine that everything that has happened since then has taken place in the span of a single year – yet, here we are.

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