the plastic soldiers and the magical military convoy, a remarkable high strangeness encounter


No comment from me yet, I’m just dividing that quoted WALL OF TEXT (one of the most horrific developments in internet history) into something humanly readable that won’t make me and others wanna throw up.

In the early summer of 2001 (the exact month and day cannot be recalled) two men had an anomalous encounter with a group of plastic “doll” looking soldiers off an Interstate 8 gas and convenience store. This duration of this encounter spanned approximately 30 minutes. WITNESS 1, contacted API and in his report stated that during a routine trip home to San Diego back from visiting his mother in Arizona, he and his friend WITNESS 2 stopped to get some snacks and drinks during the hot day-time trip.

WITNESS 1 went into the store and WITNESS 2, stayed outside at the pump area. As WITNESS 1 walked toward the store entrance he noted with interest that there were several camouflage painted humvees and two troop carriers (military trucks). WITNESS 1’s father and grandfather were both Army officers, his brother was currently in the Army and WITNESS 1 was at that time considering an Army career. He was excited and interested in looking at the soldier’s patches to determine what service and unit they belong to. He grew up on Ft. Carson in Colorado and is very knowledgeable of military garb and familiar with military norms.

Once inside the convenience store, he looked closely at the soldier’s uniforms to determine the service, but there was no patch showing service affiliation. Neither were there unit patches on their fatigues. Additionally, he found it odd at that time (2001) that the military vehicle and the soldier’s “cammies” were “Woodland” type, not desert cammies which were more common during, and following, the Gulf War/Desert Storm in 1991. (By 2001 the Army Combat Uniform and Battle Dress Uniform were more commonly worn.) Once WITNESS 1 got his snacks and drinks he got into line and stood very close to the back of one of the soldiers.

At this point he noticed that all 9 soldiers in line were the exact same build and height. Then he noticed the back of the neck of soldier closest to him. He related that the skin looked fake and plastic, like his daughter’s Barbie Doll skin. At this point, he looked down the line and saw they all appeared to have that skin: “zero skin pores, zero hair and their skin looked fake.” He also noted that it was very hot, maybe close to 100%, and the soldier’s uniforms were all long-sleeved and buttoned at the wrist. Their skin was not sweating or even glistening with heat. “Their skin was like a weird rubber” and he has never seen anything like it before or since.

Concerned, he decided to go to the front of this line to where the soldiers were buying each a gallon of water and walking out. His pretense was to get some gum at the front counter. As he walked back from the front he took careful note of the soldier’s faces. Even though they were all wearing caps pulled down close over their eyes and he could not see their eyes, he nonetheless saw that they were all exactly alike—as if “they were the same person”.

Additionally, these soldiers seemed like “living dolls” that were all in “pause mode” until they stepped forward to pay at the counter for their water. WITNESS1 stated that it was as if he was watching the exact same action and motion from these soldiers, all moving and acting the exact same way, one-after-the-other.

The clerk at the counter was not looking up, just taking the money and putting it in the cash register, then giving change. WITNESS1 became very afraid and felt these soldiers were “not human”. He put his groceries down and quickly walked out to his friend to see if he would go into the store. WITNESS1 did not tell WITNESS2 what to look for, only be observant and see if he saw “anything was wrong”. WITNESS2 went in and began looking around. He quickly noticed the soldiers and felt WITNESS1 must be referring to them. WITNESS2 noted, too, that all soldiers looked identical—he stated “they were the exact same person”. He noted that they looked like they might be wearing masks to account for their exact matching appearing and odd skin tone and texture.

He quickly departed the building and hurried back to the car saying to WITNESS1 “Are they even human?” Both stayed at their car and watched the soldiers enter the military vehicles and drive off. WITNESS1 and 2 followed in their car getting immediately onto Interstate 8, which happened to parallel the dirt road the Troop Movement was on.

After following parallel for four or 5 miles, WITNESS 1 stated (and WITNESS 2 confirmed) that “we saw these vehicles just drive right into this mountain and disappear, like the mountain was a hologram or something (HL COMMENT: witness also had UFO sightings that are detailed in the source)

PS: After reading it, I have to agree with muzzleflash, I’m afraid.

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