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I simply wanted to share with others interested in the subject and find more information. I wasn’t being defensive in the discussion till I felt like they were making it 1 sided and asking for all this proof without offering anything in return.

First, who is “they”? It´s only me and InhaleExhale here in this thread.
Second, what would we have to offer, you´re presenting the topic on a public forum on the internet. Why should those asking question “offer anything in return”? We gift you with critical questions, if everything is so evident you should have zero problems with it. Actually you should embrace such questions.

Yes you are being overly defensive, I think it should always be okay to point things out that do not match and was all I did. Otherwhise you get entrenched in theories and take stuff for granted / real without further fact checking.

For example, what I ment with the stopwatches:

She did not even tell what the difference was. Was it slower in the circle or faster, WHAT kind of delay are we talking here, milliseconds, seconds? That´s what I mean. Hardly scientific and by that I mean propperly documenting such findings.

And where is all your peer reveiwed articles of this stuff you speak of like its fact. At least she studied it for 23 years and she is relegating the information she had found. Isn’t any cgi tricks here you can look it all up yourself.

This is not how it works. Extraordinary claims like that require proof, not dis-proof. Even if I or InhaleExhale or any other member have never done “study” in this field, you should be welcoming our questions.

You´re not doing yourself a favor trying to spin the burden of evidence on those who questions this or ask in-depth questions. Again, if this those “evidences” are so clear and non-refuteable. You should embrace it.

And I can only agree with InhaleExhale on the editing part. Part of my job required me to explore the field of hypnosis (and private interest) and subconscious programming / how it works. Music, colors, voice, pictures all those things sometimes go into your subconsciousness unfiltered.

That´s how “magicans” trick a worldwide audience that he can send telepathic messages when in reality he primed them with symbols and sentences before so most think of a “pyramid” or whatever.

Again, some crop circles are marvelous in the sense how accurate they are, some not.

And for the “heat”, I´ve yet to see a thermal image from those alleged heat signatures.

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