the League of the Alien enterprises and 4 Spheres in Existence


There are different masteries one can attain in existence, for there are actually 4 Spheres that make it

“Grey” (alien). You envision the sphere of cold deliberate consciousness

This was actually my take on what happened for me, but how do we know there is not

2) Feeling. Everyone says ‘consciousness’ is all there is, but this is actually a turn-away from the other 3 Spheres. Consciousness is just 1
Feeling is what makes reality feel itself, there is the ever-pervasive consciousness (what reacts over there in a complex way, somehow translates over here in a symmetry, making up a complete dance of energy and harmonics) but the reality is (FEELING) is it’s own sphere, the whole reality feels itself. Just how you feel in your body. What I’m getting on to is for those dangling in the despair of (1) Consciousness, they are lacking the other component of 4 (2) FEELING. Which is all about a butterfly’s joy on a hot flower and grooving.

We have aliens who mastered (1) Consciousness and that was my encounter but I’m sure there are many who are fellows of the 2.

What I’m eventually getting at is there is a league of Aliens just as there are humans, you can take the average human and tell him to teach you, but what you want is to find the BEST alien, who has the most knowledge above all else, and ask it what kind of stuff it’s learning about right now, stuff that no one has ever learned of, not even in it’s own race hardly.

You ask it what is the nature of god, does it have a personality, what do you know about it, and what are the things that interest you most (to the alien master).

This is why I say there is a League, and the smartest may not be here on Earth, it is more than likely at their home world where there is trillions of them, and they occasionally page information back home here but it takes 60 years.

We still got a few smarts here though I guarantee it.

So eventually we are gonna be asking the top of the top what is it’s take on the ever pervasive reality and what higher knowledge has it discerned

Edit: the 3rd Sphere is substance, for even ”god’s” thoughts have a certain ‘thing’ to them, without substance it would not ‘be’
the 4th is not discerned

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