The killer of the Electric car…wants a national mandate now!

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Yeah, for that, especially true for the USA, you need more localized power generation. I hope you know how your power grid is strung together, it´s not that networked like european grids.

Don´t get me wrong, we´re talking about a vastly more space to cover in the USA so no blame here. I don´t know if you believe me when I tell you that electronic technician teachers in German schools tell you just that, how not to build a grid.

Not that our own grid is much better, it´s not about the quality, it´s about the layout. More internetworking means more stability. But the EV problem is not solved with this.

Do the math, calculate for you mains connection, how long it would take to charge your daily EV ride. And what else you could draw from that mains while not overloading your fuses/cable/transformer.

Power grids are not built to be capable of every household drawing their maximum current on every phase. You´d need to rebuild transformer stations and by that, lay new HV lines to get losses down. That means either expensive earth digging or free standing HV traverses.

I think you are smart enough to do the math above, so proof it to yourself. Personal EV is bs, public transport EV, I can agree, because infrastructure is there and the public transport can utilize the unused roof spaces for energy production.

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