Take a look at Cesar Sayoc’s van in August 2016

I found what appears to be Cesar Sayoc’s van in August of 2016 in a parking lot in Aventura, Florida.

Please take the time and look it up on Google maps for yourself. The address is 3570 Waterways Blvd Aventura, Florida.

You’re going to have to modify the street view section to show the timeframe of August 2016.

I can make out the American flag stickers on the back right window. It also appears to have the same body style. The main difference is that the photos released on the news have the current van painted all white and there are clearly more “stickers” on the side windows.

The difference in the van’s appearance reflects that this man either became obsessive/unhinged in the past 2 years since the photo was taken or he was the perfect scapegoat for something worse.

All politics aside, I figured ATS would appreciate the find.

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