So What REALLY Happened???


— PART 3 —

When the initial Obama admin. negotiations for Warmbier’s release failed to produce any results several ‘back channel’ negotiations began. These back channel negotiations would ultimately confirm that Warmbier was not beaten, and they would also bear out another inconvenient truth…no American prisoner in NK has ever been tortured in any way (other than possibly mentally). Not one.

Incidentally, Warmbier’s passing was not actually as a direct result of his condition. He died after his parents effectively “pulled the plug” (i.e. removed his feeding tube). This is not something widely understood.

It was found that Warmbier had been given remarkably good care considering the backwards system in NK. NK had a serious liability problem on their hands, and they knew it. If Warmbier died on their watch it would have potentially tragic consequences on their regime and their future. Because, after all, Warmbier was an American, and no American since the Korean conflict had died while in NK custody.

Additionally, and even more shockingly, Warmbier’s detention up to the point of his trial had likely been in a guest house or hotel like setting. It wasn’t a country club, but it wasn’t a gulag either.

So what REALLY happened to Warmbier then???

I’m not 100% sure the North Koreans are even responsible for what happened to him. Here’s why:

1. Warmbier was cut off from all outside communications prior to his trail. He was under the strict supervision of high NK officals.

2. When Warmbier was sentenced it was only a matter of time before he’d be able to talk…to someone. And, apparently, whatever he had to say could never see the light of day. Up to this point NK had 100% control over him. Once outside of this vacuum of information he would have much more latitude to interact with people.

The plot thickens!

So, who exactly were these Chinese tour operators, and what did they do besides give tours of NK? And who where their customers, and what were they really doing in NK?

Warmbier was likely interrogated not so much about his own actions in the hotel that night, but rather the actions of another person, or persons. Was there a foreign agent among them, a spy? Were the tour operators themselves gathering intelligence for someone?

Sure sounds to me like Warmbier got caught up in something he had no knowledge of, but that the North Koreans were onto. They may have initially thought he was part of it, but ultimately realized he wasn’t their guy. To figure that out they probably would have had to reveal information to him that he might have otherwise not known. Did Warmbier then become a liability to some other government based on what he knew?

Don’t you find it interesting that Warbier was alive, but conveniently couldn’t talk? Someone made sure of that.

The big question now is…who?

BTW…here is a reprint of the GQ article (reference above). It’s got a little political spin to it, but otherwise stunning info:

GQ – Warmbier story

— END PART 3 —

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