So today I interviewed an Exorcist Bishop. Zazz Podcast.


I’m doing a wee Podcast miniseries on the Paranormal, Metaphysics, Esoteric Mysticism, The trickster, UFO and Aliens just for my friends here on The Boss, Mr Springer has given his blessing for it to be posted here. It’s been a blast circling back to topics that first brought me to ATS.

Let’s get weird n’ whacky together.…

So today I interviewed an Exorcist Bishop… and what a blast it was! Buckle up! This has been one of my most fun and most electric shows.

You may have seen Catholic Bishop Bryan D. Ouellette on the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures or listened to him on the radio.

Listen in as we chat about religion, demons, fallen Angels, wrathful spirits, heaven, hell, quantum physics, art, Karl Jung everything but the kitchen sink! Bishop Bryan D. Oulette answers some pretty big questions on just about EVERYTHING, including some traditionally hidden Christian mystical thoughts, giving some eye popping answers from his esoteric Christian perspective.

We cover:

How does one become an Exorcist?

Who is The Warrior Nun?

How does someone determine the difference between mental health crisis and demonic possession?

What are the 4 Types of energies/demons/spirits that can affect the living? Fallen Angel / Demon/Elementals/Created Thought Form -Tulpa./Wrathful spirit.

What is oppression versus possession?

How does possession take place?

What is The Trickster and is it responsible for the Hooplah at Skin Walker Ranch?

Are Creationists shooting themselves in the foot by not embracing evolution?

What happens when you die?

Should you keep the ashes of loved ones around?

What is heaven/ What is hell/ What is reincarnation?

Why do some people get upset at him when he tells them they are NOT possessed?

This has been super fun, keep in mind these are not necessarily my endorsing the same thoughts, theology nor philosophy…I’m just having a darn good natter with a very bright, intelligent man of the cloth, whose full time job it is to deal with the Weird and Whacky.


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