Relentless Youtube ad for Craftsy Unlimited

I watch a lot of YT videos and usually, ads are of a multitude of variety, rarely the same two times in a row. But for the last three days or so, for EVERY SINGLE video I view, regardless of topic, this ad comes up. I took a screen shot for all to see what I am referring to.

I don’t know if this gal or business is related to someone at Google and they are helping her advertise but I think it’s strange to have this level of advertising for this type of event. I have been thinking about this for a bit and I decided I would throw this out there because I would like others opinion and experiences. Also, please don’t suggest if I don’t like the ad, switch to a different search engine. I am not complaining about the ad, I am merely awed at the inundation of it.

Please oblige if you feel so inclined.

ETA: Where Tech Meets Touch

Craftsy was founded in Denver in 2010 by tech entrepreneurs John Levisay, Josh Scott, Todd Tobin and Bret Hanna. Today, we continue to live where high-tech meets handmade, delivering the very best in online consumer experience while constantly celebrating the unique value of real-world, hands-on craft.

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