Recycling is largely BS – totally profit driven not enviornmentally driven

So with the new tariffs and with China clamping down on the types of recyclable waste they accept (they want cleaner recyclables now), the cost of recycling has gone up a little bit and now our regional trash collectors no longer take about 50% of what they used to because those things now don’t bring as much of a profit. Things like a ton of newspaper or cardboard dropped by about 10% or about $2/ton and now all that goes to a landfill instead of being sold for recycling.

Now if this whole recycling industry was to “save the environment”, this $2 wouldn’t be an issue and it would be absorbed in some manner, as the saving of the environment for a ton of paper is worth more than $2, but obviously it is not.

Now every year the rules and requirements are getting more stringent for recycling. The collectors want people to wash out their plastics (clean their trash) before throwing it out. The amount of time and energy that each household has to spend cleaning their trash before putting it in the recycle bin only benefits the company collecting the recyclables so they can make a profit.

On top of it costing time and money to the individual to clean their trash, consumers are saddled with sub-par goods made from recycled materials that would otherwise not be on the market, and a superior product would be in it’s place for the same price, but because there has to be an outlet for this trash, they make products that are “good enough” but b/c they are “recycled” people think they are saving the environment and buy a sub-par product.

If $2/ton for paper is enough to make the company stop collecting the product for recycling, then that is a major sign that this is ALL about profit and not about saving the environment. People need to wake up and realize they have been swindled and bamboozled by the left’s propaganda into being their free workers in cleaning their trash. I doubt one household makes 1 ton of newspaper, office paper or cardboard per year, that means it would cost less than $2/year per household to recycle this waste IF it was about saving the environment, but it certainly isn’t.

The only good recycling is seems to be metals, which are extremely expensive to mine and recycling them makes sense to all parties as they all benefit. That is why this has been a profit model since before WWII and recycling household waste only came about in the 1970’s when it was forced upon people by legislation and other political strongarming.

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