Rapid destruction of electrons equals high flow of current (UFO tech explained)

If you have a metal pole then it is holding a certain amount of electrons and will pull in new ones to saturate itself if it has too few.

So if you were to continuously destroy all the electrons in one end of this pole then the other end would always suck in new electrons.

Hence you have a large flow of current (that’s the word used to describe the movement of electrons) in the middle of this pole which can be used to power electronic devices.

Also the destruction of the electrons will cause a massive amount of radiation (high powered electromagnetic wave emission) which could possibly radiate in the same frequency as visible light and x-rays as well.

So in a craft which is using these technologies you have a situation where electrons are pulled out of the surrounding air and objects to saturate the object which has too few (as described above). Together with the risk of radiation burns and bright light.

Hence car engines and other electronic devices will stop working properly when too close since the current flow in those devices are interfered with.

We have proof of technology like this being used because of the countless cases of cars that stop working together with high levels of radiation sometimes causing burns and sickness in the witnesses. Just check out the “Levelland UFO case” and you will see that this is the truth.


Myself I have always questioned the mainstream scientific theories and research because I think that we might on purpose be fed a lot of misinformation, basically to keep us in the dark. To keep us from properly understanding gravity and mass, etc.

I’ve always theorized that gravity can be explained with electrons alone and that the electrons and their configuration is what gives mass to objects.

If you play along with this, then what will happen if you suck out most of the electrons from an object? It will have a negligible amount of mass then and will not be attracted towards “gravity” nor have any inertia (hence could change direction rapidly without being damaged).

Maybe a lack of electrons could even keep objects from interfering with electromagnetic waves (light) hence go invisible.

Something to think about is it not?

Finally a video:

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