Pornography: the not so new drug for the masses.


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I dont watch pornography. I get the real thing from my wife. Why get consumed by fantasyland when you can have the real thing with an actual human being that cares about you.

This is a common statement, in 99% of cases (anecdotal) the speaker is a porn user

Most humans watch porn for obvious reasons.

It definitely desensitises younger users. It is definitely addictive. An orgam after all is endorphines, which is the same as a drug.

The attractive thing about porn is that it is free, no strings attached and on tap.

However porn is full of negative outcomes:
Sexualisation of women
Extreme practices becoming the norm
Promotion of the perfect body which is the cause of many issues in people young and old
General addiciton to unhealthy practices

And now we can add brain damage and shrinking to the list!

I remember a day when porn just made you blind.

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