On The Subject of Migration Becoming a Human Right

The future of Western Civilisation lies with Eastern Europe. Slovakia, Hungary, Poland etc will become destinations for native European migrants who wish to escape the economic destruction of their home countries as the Kalergi plan erodes them into sh#thile nation’s.

The three thousand year old culture of the West is far superior to the third-world rape-cultures they are being infested with and will not succumb to the destructive forces of socialism. It will simply migrate to the East where the leaders aren’t so ‘cucked’.

Socialism is a truly racist, fascist, separatist culture that oppresses populations en masse and kills millions upon millions of truly innocent people.

Western European leaders (definitely NOT the population) want to destroy Western civilisation because it produces free thinking people who are too hard to control.

It says a lot about those who support them, doesn’t it?

Either Easern Europe will become the new west or this racist, fascist Kalergi plan will fail altogether. Westerners seem to have a knack for defending the superior culture that their ancestors have given them. They’ve kept it for a few millenia so far, they won’t hand it over as easily as UN is expecting.

Mass uprisings of Western populations have proven to be extremely effective against tyranny. And when their economies are destroyed, their children are being raped and their way of life is being threatened, an ‘uprising’ is what you’ll get.

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