October 27, 2018 Italian UFO Conference Transcript Featuring DeLonge And Elizondo


I read about this on UFO Joe News And Commentary and thought it might interest some of you.

Some of the highlights from this conference:


“To The Stars” has created a private company with a perpetual funding mechanism. We work with government partners to achieve the revolutionary change in mankind’s destiny. We will study the subject, we will tell the stories to the world and we will build the technology. At this moment, “To The Stars” has the first set of major motion pictures and television series in development, the architectural plans for a master database with artificial intelligence, a multi-year, beamed energy program plan to launch satellites into space with lasers and the robust program plans to achieve the engineering of the space-time metric. And most people would call that anti-gravity.


I’m still bound by my nation’s oath to protect classified information.

…in the 1940s, we had the Roswell incident. I’m not going to speculate in this room what crashed at Roswell. But those of you who are familiar with the world of intelligence, know that a military response is usually symmetrical to the incident. A crashed weather balloon does not usually merit the response of a colonel, several flat bed, military vehicles and an armed force.

…beginning in the 50s, we began to notice an interest by UAPs in & around our nuclear facilities and technology. Keeping in mind, this was during the cold war and the U.S. had an interest in identifying whether this was an adversarial technology.

During the late 1960s, many advancements in our nuclear technology, provided us a significant advantage. And coincidentally, there was an uptick in UAP sightings in and around these facilities. In fact, several of our nuclear silos along the northern tier, were temporarily brought down! These UAPs displayed characteristics far beyond anything we had ever seen.

Furthermore, information involving this incident(Rendlesham Forest Incident), within the next four months, will be forthcoming. Further giving the world a better appreciation of what occurred those three nights. The capabilities that were stored at that facility, were highly sophisticated and may have even lead to UAP interest.

…late 1990s, once again, space shuttle missions continue to report interesting sightings. Furthermore, the United States gains additional access to former Soviet files. And what was made very clear to us, was what we were seeing on our side of the ocean, so was Russia.

In 2007, my government found it necessary to establish a formal, UAP program. This does not mean we did not have a program before! But because I was not a part of those programs – if they existed – it would not be fair for me to have that conversation. Remember what I said in the beginning of our discussion, I’m here to only provide you facts.

This slide is verbatim what the focus of AATIP was and what $22 million purchased. For those who can’t read the lettering, I’ll read it for you: Lift, Propulsion, Control, Power Generation, Spatial and Temporal Translation, Signature Reduction or I guess you say Footprint. And Technology Integration. Also, Very Advanced Materials, Configuration and Structure, Human Interface, Human Effects and Armament.

The objects we’re witnessing are expressing G forces well in excess of 200. So as one can imagine, instantaneous acceleration would be very important for any country who wants to increase their maneuverability.

In some cases, these objects have been observed flying 8000 miles an hour and faster. There are few but very few things that mankind has developed that can fly that fast in the atmosphere and we know what those look like.

Yet, what we are seeing are things that can operate as freely in the atmosphere, as they can in a vacuum as they can under water, without changing their physical properties. And from a military perspective, one can imagine how advantageous this would be.

…the point being is, that you need sustained movement forward to maintain lift. And yet, what we are witnessing are vehicles that can perform like an airplane, like a helicopter and frankly, like vehicles we just don’t understand.

…one can see from a military perspective again, if we had this technology, this capability, it would provide a strategic advantage. Now, if any nation had just one of these capabilities, it would be an absolute, game changer in the way we do national security and defense.

Achieving much of what we are seeing with the observables, we believe may be a result of warping space time.

…if the material that you are analyzing happens to have high levels of iridium or isotopic ratios that are not naturally present on this planet, one has to scratch their head and wonder why. In some cases, these materials are multi-layered materials that should not be together and are engineered precisely from an isotopic perspective. Furthermore, some of this material, we are still unable to recreate technologically.

There’s been much research in the last ten years about human consciousness and the quantum state. I think there’s a strong degree of probability that the quote, unquote, voodoo science of remote viewing is in fact part of the quantum world. There’s some very interesting, compelling data that points to very specific quantum mechanics involved in potentially things like remote viewing.

As far as the physics of craft ejecting objects? We have observed that as well. But I’m not prepared to tell you one way or the other what it is. But we have observed it.

…from our perspective in AATIP, we look at the warping of space-time as part of the natural state of the Universe. One only has to look at a black hole to see the bizarre nature of space-time. So whether or not things are from the future or the past, is certainly beyond my ability to have an opinion. But the warping of space-time is just as natural as you and me.

…these objects can manage to move themselves through local distortion of the space-time fabric itself. But this movement could not be necessarily a space-time movement. But I wonder if it could be as well, a movement in time only? And if these objects really have the capacity of traveling in time, would it be possible that these objects that are what we are today, umm tomorrow that come back to see what happened in their past? Because to now, we have spoken of extraterrestrial lives capable of maneuvering or controlling these objects.

Video of this 4 hour conference, with the English dialogue starting at the 1 hour and 6 minute mark:


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