New to Q, what has the phenomenon actually done to deserve the furore?


Hi i first heard of Q when it first started trending on Twitter,
i remember it dropping some wikileaks things that id never heard
about and thought OK this might be interesting and followed
the rabbit for a wee while, but i haven’t followed much this year
and it seems like there is a hell of a lot of information to go through
now, with a lot of people posting as Q and giving out bogus information
its hard to know whats what, so to speak.

so on beginning my refresher of all things Q, i searched and found that
maybe Q is being taken more serious than i had thought, of course i am
aware Q may be a government way of controlling/directing information,
im always interested in that information be it bogus or truth.

heres an exert from WaPo article thats spiked my interest.
““The Storm is coming,” say the conspiracy theorizers whose grotesque imaginings terrified the country to attention this week. Maybe they’re right.

QAnon adherents encourage those seeking the truth to “follow the White Rabbit,” but it’s hard to hop down this hole without getting totally lost in their horrorland. The simplest description of the plot line goes something like this: President Trump isn’t under investigation; he is only pretending to be, as part of a countercoup to restore power to the people after more than a century of governmental control by a globalist cabal. Also, there are pedophiles.

A figure named “Q,” who supposedly possesses Q-level security clearance, disperses “crumbs” that “bakers” bring together to create a “dough” of synthesized information. (This is not how baking works, but that seems the least of our worries.) Because Q is the 17th letter in the alphabet and 17 is also a number Trump has said a few times, among other clearly-not-coincidences, he is the real deal, not an Internet troll engaged in an elaborate example of live-action role-play.”…

i have started this thread hoping that members will bring some of Qs most
astonishing claims and predicted events that have transpired or are yet to.
to see if there’s much validity behind the “movement” or if he/she/them are
just complete con artists pushing an agenda.


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