New Doc: The Jesters Plane – What happened to National Airlines 102 ?

First off, I’m not an “aircraft guy” and only skimmed through about 30 minutes of the video, but that was more than enough.
Those who are will likely have much better reasons to debunk this.
The guy in the video is trying to make a conspiracy out of 2 entirely different aircraft, that crashed in entirely different ways and because he doesn’t see “sh** flying through the air” uses that as a point to claim it was faked.
The Stratofortress goes in nose down and sideways, with the right wing making first contact with the ground, then the nose. More forward momentum causes the aircraft to tumble somewhat, leading to how it broke apart on impact.
The 747-400 pancaked in, landing almost flat with little forward momentum, so a smaller debris field/ less ” sh** flying through the air”.
He also makes a point of

The crash interrupted the New Zealand Defence Force’s (NZDF) withdrawal from Afghanistan, as it was only hours away from using another National Airlines aircraft to fly equipment out of the country; after the crash the NZDF indefinitely postponed using National Airlines for its airlift requirements.[12] In media

Of course they delayed
They aircraft they were using just crashed for unknown reasons. They’re not going to just say “Meh, load up another one and let’s see if it flys”
The voice and flippant manner are annoying as hell and I find it a bit disgusting that in one part he jokes about how long it takes for the Stratofortress to crash, knowing it lead to the death of the crew.

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