My UFO or not experience


Hi guys, i would like to share something that happened to me about 8 years ago. I’ve been thinking if i should share or not for the past 3 weeks and so i think it doesn’t really changes thing much so why not, right?

First i want to say i for the most part was never interested in any of the UFO stuff or things like paranormal, it just never was in my mind and still i’m not really much into it other than sometimes wondering when reading about very old descriptions of things in the sky, so i really don’t have much to say about what i think this is or what really happened

So here we go now. This started way back when i was 10, we were spending the weekend on a cabin my grand father had back then. I had been hit hard on one of my ribs at kempo class and i was feeling a bit down so we ended up going camping that week to get away from home for a bit

At some point at night i was out looking at the sky and then i noticed a white light moving on the sky, going from left to right as if going closer to the moon. I told my grand father and he came and say it was most likely a plane and to forget about it. This is when things started going weird, there was this cloud between the light and the moon and this thing went behind the cloud for a bit, then it never showed up on the other side, it switched direction and went back to where it was coming from

I told this to papa and he came back and looked again, at this point the light traveled fast again to the left, going away from the moon, then it suddenly stopped and switched direction again and started going to the moon, it went back the cloud and then it just never came out again, we were there for like 15 more minutes and nothing else happened and we just went inside to tell mama and my brother and aunt

That happened and then we were inside having dinner, i remember i felt tired and bored and went to lay down on the coach that was next to the dinner table, i was just trying to sleep but i kept hearing them talk about whatever and then suddenly i felt like i was falling down a dark hole, i suddenly saw everything black and could not move, i could still hear them but it was like i was falling away in a very deep dark sleep, my eyes could not open but i was aware of something standing next to me. Then i felt a very gigantic hand grab my head, it felt as if it could fit my entire head into his fingers and i remember i raised my hand and grabbed that thing and the fingers were long and my hand could only feel one of his fingers and it was way bigger than my entire hand

I didn’t feel panik or anything i was just there lying on my side and then that’s when i felt another hand touch my stomach right where i had the rib pain, the next thing i remember i was standing on the back door looking at the open door and there was this bright white light outside but somehow it didn’t go inside the cabin, it was like solid light that would just reach to the outside but don’t go inside the door frame, like a wall of light i don’t know how else to explain it

Then i heard someone asking me why i was standing there and to close the door and if i still wanted water or not, i got very confused went to drink water then went to sleep. The pain i had on my rib was gone and i don’t have an explanation for that until today

In the following weeks i lost most of my sight in close range, Apparently from what mama says my eye lens got so stretched that i was diagnosed with this illness named presbyopia but it really wasn’t, in the end it was a chemical imbalance or something that caused it. I was able to see things very far away but was unable to see anything closer than two meters from me so i was very much on bed for something like a month or a bit more until it got better. I remember being able to see ants walking on the trees like 10 meters from me, or reading car plates and street ads like a block or more away but not being able to see anything that was showing on tv, it was just a complete blur

After this went on i don’t know why but i never thought about this again, it just didn’t matter and i was focused on other things for years and never thought much of it, it was just like a dream and then i completely forgot it happened

Then about 4 weeks ago i was on a small trip with a friend and we were camping and then suddenly i noticed a white light on the sky passing very fast, when this happened i felt all those memories coming back and i could even feel the wood floor, the smell of the cold air that night, i can remember the color of that white light on the back door filling everything outside but not entering inside. Is not like a dream i have every single detail of what happened on my mind right now.

4 weeks ago some things happened on that trip that i will try to explain later, I’m sorry i can’t explain better but right now this is all i can write

The reason i write this is because three weeks ago i started losing my eyes sight again and just now i have started getting better thanks to a good eye doctor, my eye lens got so thin i started having problems reading or being able to see anything but a blur again

This time it lasted just about 2 weeks i think, i can see better now and i don’t know what to think about all this

So anyway, i just wanted to share because i have been thinking a lot about this while on bed the past weeks and i don’t know

I really don’t have an opinion on any of these things and it could be anything or nothing at all, i’m just wondering

I will correct any mistakes as soon as i can get a bit of help with English, sorry about bad formatting and all that, i will try to fix it soon

– Say

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