My name is Douglas Drane a citizen of the United States of America . Here I am known as the Pilots


Exposing propaganda puppeteers and their frameworks world wide in every nation .
Goal to eliminate the usage of propaganda globally and repair the damage it has and is causing.
April 1st 2018
One Year and Two Months into The Pilots Project
What gives David Hogg or anyone for that matter the right to call for a boycott to cripple a person or a corporations ability to make money . This is America that believes in capitalism and a free market system . Deprive a corporation or a person from their ability to earn money would lead to them becoming a ward of the state or narrowing their options to washing dishes or leading a life of crime to earn money . Is that the American way , I certainly hope not .
David Hogg who has adopted the Liberal Democratic response to the Parkland killings and tragedy . It is no surprise he uses this tragedy to promote banning guns , gun control ,repeal of 2nd Amendment , and grab your wallet campaigns like boycotting .
A free nation strives to allow everyone gainful employment . Liberal Democratic Party’s Propaganda Arm of George Soros , Nancy Pelosi , Adam Schiff, and Robert Mueller utilize the same Propaganda Framework and Techniques that Paul Joseph Goebbels used so effectively during the 1930’s and the 1940’s as a pre invasion propaganda method to soften up a nation . Part of the technique used then was economic attacks . German citizens were banned from spending money at Jewish Shops . Intimidating corporations or advertisers from sponsoring Laura Ingram’s show or Fox News is the exact same method Nazi Germany used in WW2 . No surprise that Liberal Democrats embrace David Hogg and no surprise David Hogg uses same methods and techniques used so well by Paul Joseph Goebbels in the past .
When George Soros entered Democratic Party in 1979 he began installing his propaganda machine . By the year 1990 eleven years later George Soros’s pre invasion propaganda machine was firmly installed and began to spread globally .
Propaganda techniques earned George Soros $80 billion dollars in stolen profits off the backs of people world wide , primarily harming minorities the most due to his thefts of nations markets and currencies through stock manipulation and other espionage techniques .
Operating from the Democratic Party with in the United States this could lead to a vast array of trouble and difficulty with our allies and potential allies around the globe .
This could not come at a worse time as this planet seems ill prepared to handle the instantaneous mass media digital electronic age which amplifies and boosts the propaganda puppeteers conceptual constructs and propaganda keys across borders and nationalities like never before .
David Hogg already at his young age has embraced liberal doctrine which now includes the mentally abusive propaganda package of the Democratic Party and George Soros .
In the near future I hope to bring proof by revealing the patterns of bullet points and propaganda keys as they emerged from the author of the propaganda playbook George Soros .
Tracing the development of propaganda keys and their spread globally through media from 1979 to January 2017 should not only prove I am correct , it will also highlight all the media outlets that are hopelessly damaged by propaganda exposure .
Propaganda exposure damages the human mind for the same reasons all PTSD traumatic impacts damage the human mind . High energy emotional memories and content . There’s the problem theres the key .
Mankind’s inability to process emotional content correctly due to the primary design of mammalian brain design and predatory brain design lack the facilities to handle properly concepts that higher intelligence minds produce . Abstract complex emotional content even simple emotional content and emotional memories overwhelm the brains internal subconscious system and subsystems . All of which run autonomously on auto pilot in the backgrounds of our minds. This happens in every ones minds on a planet where people go from cradle to grave and never talk and get to learn anything about or teach their subconcious mind at all.
Since I was around 6 years old I have actively engaged with my subconscious mind which occupies roughly 40% of the brain . I as the conscious mind occupy 40% of the mind primarily everything that is utilized to interface with out side world . Subconscious mind in automatic pilot typically (mine is free can do whatever he wants ) has no access to out side world . Subconscious is located in dreamland above the imperative instinct impact drive . Subconscious world is comprised of the internal cobstructs and subsystems of the mind . Glad mind is my friend . I merely explain to him how outside world works and explain to him my Theoretical Model of the Mind . He happily goes about chsnging things to enhance brain performance . We both love that aspect.
Emotional content and memories created and stored at massively high emotionally charged energy levels in the mind . It is why the massively repetitive use of positive and negative propaganda keys used by propaganda puppeteers are so effective .
End Part 1 April 2018 the 1st

Currently I have been living without electricity for over a year . Propaganda Puppeteers have launched multi level , multi tiered , and multi faceted attacks against me . These include destruction of social support systems , economic attacks , and thuggery to name a few . It is what it is . Decades of hostile George Orwellian Machines actually helps make me uniquely qualified to engage in this project for The Pilot
I still recall the final thing’s he said to me .
We broke a lot of rules .
We rolled the dice hard
There are Time Constraints Poorly Defined
Do not be stupid
I can not return
Take it as far as you can
That was in 1972
After he gave me a concept package .

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